CRA My Account Setup

CRA – My Account instructions

In February 2016, Canada Revenue Agency upgraded their “My Account” online platform. It already contained quite a bit of valuable information (such as current RRSP contribution room), but the new additions include:
  • New look, designed to be more accessible and usable 
  • More tax slips – can now access RRSP contribution receipts, T4RIF, T5’s, and more 
  • Ability to print “Proof of Income” statements 
  • View mail – ability to view all your eligible correspondence with CRA
(full details here)

CRA has done a fairly good job with this and we believe it can add value to clients who have a hard time keeping track of all of their tax and related information. It’s also a nice feature for organized folks who just want to access everything in one simple place.
The fact that you can confirm your identity via your existing online banking platform is just another way that they make it easier. To access the full suite of features, CRA will mail you a special code that you can enter online (you must select this option yourself).
As with any online account-based technology, please take the utmost care in securing your passwords. 
To sign up for CRA’s “My Account” click here.

PS: Do not fall for fraudulent calls or emails from fake CRA collections agents – click here for information on how to protect yourself.